Starts at: 0
Level Cost to upgrade D. Heart Upkeep Unit Capacity
Gold Soul Unit Level Gold
1 100 100 None Level 1 DH
2 200 200 Human Level 2 DH
Flavor Text:Everything from the manufacture of new traps, to new torch brackets takes place in this hive of construction activity under the watchful eyes of "Peg Leg" Grimshaw. A refined sadist, he takes particular pride in the implements of torture he can crafts. Apart from the mistresses, everyone else tends to leaves him to his own devices, unless the pitfall needs to repairs. The speed of those repairs is determined by the size of your workshop.
  • Your Workshop is used to speed up the repair speed of your Pitfall.
  • Cannot Be Demolished
  • The Workshop can only be leveled up to level 2. That, along with its low upgrade cost, make it a decent idea to max out first so you dont have to remember it later.
  • Since the Pitfall is a necessary defense against forces that don't have melee units, it is a good idea to have it regenerating as fast as possible.


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