Wedding Ring
Found on: Knight Lady Lord
Chance of Dropping Nearly Guaranteed
Blood Attack Remote Magic Cure Defense
Stats: 0-50 0-50 0-50 0-50 0-50 0-50
Maximum stats: 50 50 50 50 50 50
Used By: Skeleton Soldier Skeleton Archer Corpse Soldier Corpse Archer Dark Priest Dark Priestess Dark Sorcerer Dark Sorceress
Can be a lure: Yes - Knight Lady Lord
  • Wedding rings can have any stat.
  • Wedding rings summon the wife or husband of the unit it was found on. This can aid in breaking a unit since having their spouse with low blood makes a unit easier to break.
  • Wedding rings found on knights and lords summon ladies.
  • Wedding rings found on ladies can summon knights or lords.


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