Found on: Warrior Archer Sorcerer Sorceress Priest Priestess Lord
Chance of Dropping Semi-Rare on Warrior Archer Common on Sorcerer Sorceress Priest Priestess
Magic Cure
Stats: 10-50 10-50
Maximum stats: 50 50
Used By: Dark Sorceress Dark Sorcerer
Can be a lure: Yes - Sorcerer Sorceress Dark Priest Dark Priestess
  • Wand lures are very rare among archers and warriors.
  • Wands off of anything other than archers and warriors are not lures.
  • Wands are usually used by Sorcerers and Sorceresses, Crosiers are used by priests and priestesses.
  • Wands are rare lures because they come with a single warrior or archer (team). This means you have to get lucky and pull that archer or warrior. They also do not always have the lure.


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