Torture Chamber
Starts at: 0
Level Cost to upgrade D. Heart Upkeep Unit Capacity
Gold Soul Unit Level Gold
1 10,000 10,000 Level 3 DH
2 40,000 40,000 Level 2 DH
Flavor Text: This particular room fills the air with the agonized screams and shrieks of unfortunately human slaves about to be or actually under interrogated for information. Others are there to have their resistance broken. Humans have developed some classics of torture such as the Rack, Iron Maiden and the use of fire. Inquisitors, such as you have numerous part magic, part artifice implements of torture that the mere sight of, fills humans with bowel loosening terror.
  • Your Torture Chamber helps to increase the amount of Tame earned each time you Interogate a prisoner.
  • Cannot Be Demolished
  • A level 2 Torture Chamber is necessary to Tame high level Knight humans as well as Lords.
  • The Torture Chamber is absolutely necessary for building up a stronger army so don't hesitate to upgrade it ASAP.


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