Starts at: 0
Level Cost to upgrade D. Heart Upkeep Store
Gold Soul Unit Level Gold slots
1 1000 100
2 3000 200
3 6000 400
4 10,00 800
5 15,000 1600
10 31
Flavor Text: Ignorant humans see a large room with a giant chair. The throne room is where you make decisions, which are the laws of your empire. It also helps to have a place to meet and greet potential allies, the odd acquaintance and rare friend, without looking like a fool in the process. The size and magic of your throne room determines the number of reinforced teams may remain in your dungeon if they are ever required.
  • The Throne room is absolutely necessary if you want to hunt Lord parties. A Throne room allows the people who are Followers/Following to reinforce you, with a max of 5 groups of 10 units per group.
Tips: Once you start getting to the point of being able to farm small lords, it is a good idea to upgrade your Throne to level 5. This way you can have the maximum number of reinforcements and can farm the larger lords.


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