How to make a Spy.
For 30,000 Gold you can turn any human who has a tame of 80 and above(unless they have been enchanted) into a Spy. The spy will work for you until he/she is killed. You can also use a quest from a Mistress that allows you to convert an enemy player's creature into a spy. In order to obtain this quest you must defeat the enemy player in PvP and the enemy player must have a unit with low loyalty.

There are 2 different sets of function that spies can do in an area or as a undercover unit in somebody's dungeon.

Spies in an area
When they are in an area, you can ask them to invest/disrupt the area they are located in for a fee. Investing cost 100,000 gold and the reason you invest in the area is to improve the stats for the humans living in that area. You can also be the bad guy disrupting an area by paying a fee of 50,000 gold to decrease 500,000 gold of investments done in it. However there is a chance of success that starts out at 50% and decreases the more times you succeed in disrupting the area so be sure to read before you disrupt. *If Disrupt fails your spy die*

Cost to develop an area. *Maximum level is unknown because the cost to develop doubles for every level*

Level 1 - 20,000 Gold
Level 2 - 40,000 Gold
Level 3 - 80,000 Gold
Level 4 - 160,000 Gold
Level 5 - 320,000 Gold
Level 6 - 640,000 Gold
Level 7 - 1,280,000 Gold
Level 8 - 2,560,000 Gold
Level 9 - 5,120,000 Gold
Level 10 - 10,240,000 Gold
Level 11 - 20,480,000 Gold
Level 12 - 40,960,000 Gold
Level 13 - 81,920,000 Gold
Level 14 - 163,840,000 Gold
Level 15 - 327,680,000 Gold

Benefits of developing an area.

Each level of a developed area adds a chance to increase the stat of an item/prisoner by 1%.
Area Population grows depending on Development level. Each level increasing the max population by 10%.
Some items/prisoners have a better chance of getting the bonus. The chance is between 20% and 80%.

Example 1: If your area is developed to level 7 then Knight Zhaernon has a chance of increasing a random stat by 7%.

Undeveloped Developed (level 7)
Knight Zhaernon Knight Zhaernon
Blood - 80% Blood - 87%
Attack - 15% Attack - 15%
Defense - 50% Defense - 50%

Example 2: If Knight Zhaernon has a sword on him.

Undeveloped Developed (level 7)
Zhaernon Sword Zhaernon Sword
Attack - 20% Attack - 27%

They can also scout areas adjacent to where they are located for a small fee of 50,000.*Note spies cannot move from areas to areas so you will need to get another spy from another area to explore further.*

Time of Scouting for next Areas depends on this formula: (Amount of Areas you have) * 3 = (Amount of Hours it'll take to move into Neigbouring Area)
Be aware that the time to scout an area can be increased depending on how much Prestige you have.

Spies in an enemy dungeon
If you manage to get a spy into another Inquisitor's dungeon you will have the following options as well.

Simple Information
Cost - 10,000 Gold
Info - Gold, Gold per hour, Soul, Soul per hour.

Cost - 30,000 Gold
Info - Contents of Storage

Cost - 30,000 Gold
Info - Contents of Prison

A Recent Report
Cost - 3,000 Gold

Steal Gold
A certain percentage of success rate of stealing 10% of the Inquisitor's Gold. If you fail to steal the Gold your Spy dies.

Steal an Item
A certain percentage of success rate to steal an item from the inquisitor's dungeon. If you fail to steal an Item your Spy dies.

Whenever you perform any of the mission above, your spy gains "Spy Experience". This will make them more proficient in doing subsequent tasks ordered by you which means they will have a higher chance of success rate in stealing.

How to identify and remove a Spy from your dungeon

If you capture a human unit that has 1 blood and 80 or more tame than it is a spy. In fact a human must be tamed in order to perform as a spy. If you have a spy in your dungeon then you may get a quest from any Dark Priests that you have in your army to identify and cleanse the spy. You will not lose the unit when this quest succeeds.

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