Skeleton Soldier
Summoned with: Male Human
Blood Attack Defense
Stats: 80 25 200
Summon Cost: 250 Gold 10 Soul 1 Male Human
Upkeep: 20 Gold per Hour
Upgrades: 2 3 4 5
Items Items Items Items
6 7 8 9 10
Items Items Items Items Items
Priority Unit
1 Melee(Lowest Blood)
2 Archers
3 Mages/Healers
4 Lords/DLs
5 Mistresses
Flavor Text: Prisoners die and their flesh decays, leaving nothing bone behind. But in the depths of underground darkness, nothing is wasted, not even the bones of the prisoners. Dark magic will give these scattered remains life - after a fashion. Given the less than ideal quality of their armor, weapons and shields, these basic melee warriors die quite regularly, but a little magic can restore them to life anew, until nothing but bone dust remains
  • Skeleton Soldiers are the second tanking units that you obtain soon after first starting the game. Although it may not seem that way they are in fact weaker than imps until you have upgraded them several levels. By then you should already have at least one Corpse Soldier.
  • Skeleton Soldiers, like imps, are considered a tank unit. Their job is to take damage so that your archers can deal damage.
  • Due to the recent patch in the game, skeleton soldier are now upgradeable using any item that you see fit at any level.


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