Skeleton Archer
Summoned with: Any Female Human
Blood Remote Defense
Stats: 50 20 100
Summon Cost: 250 Gold, 10 Soul, 1 Human Woman
Upkeep: 30 Gold per Hour
Upgrades: 2 3 4 5
Items Items Items Items
6 7 8 9 10
Items Items Items Items Items
Ranged Priority Unit
1 Healers
2 Sorcerers
3 Melee with highest defense
4 Archers
5 Lords
6 Mistresses
Flavor Text: Simple, mindless but obedient until they fall apart, these bow armed soldiers are the sentries and guardians of the entryways in to your domain. With unnerving accuracy, her bows will send flights of arrows in to the flesh of hated human priests and their magic users of any human army foolish enough to disturb her unwavering, eternally vigilant guardianship.
  • Skeleton Archers are your first ranged units. Even though they are the first real units you typically summon, they still have utility in end game due to their targeting priority and low upkeep.
  • Typically Skeleton Archers are summoned with Huntress


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