PvP stand for player vs player fighting. In the game there are several different ways to get involved in player vs player activities, but be warned, attacking certain players under special circumstances can result in the quick and inevitable destruction of your forces. First I will go over the different forms of PvP in game.


The first type of PvP i would like to explain is the weekly contest. Participating in the contest is really quite simple actually. You simply have to click the contest button(the crossed battle-axes) at the bottem of your screen. Then you simply have to hit the yellow Join button. After that you will randomly be put into a battle with one of the many other players in the game. Now one thing you should note is that there is no risk when participating in the contest, and you do receive a small gold and prestige reward for each round that you win. The contest is held in two forms. The first is an all out battle royale style fight. That means that all of the forces in your dungeon will fight all of the forces in your opponents dungeon to see who is stronger. The second form is a 10v10 battle style. In this style 10 units are randomly selected from your dungeon to fight 10 random units from your opponents dungeon. The trick with the second type is to only have the forces you want fighting in your dungeon when it is your time to fight.


A battlefield is a special town that you can only join when you are invited. There are 2 different types of battlegrounds, one is designed to encourage PvP activities. The second is designed to promote cooperation between players. The first type gives you gold just for simply being in the battlefield. However, the gold reward is divided between all of the players in that area. So if the reward is 10k gold per hour ,but there are 20 people in the area, you will only recieve 500 gold per hour. Now if you attack and defeat another player then it increases the amount of gold that you will obtain. So if there is the same area we used in the earlier example, and you attack and beat 10 other players in that area then you will recieve somewhere around 5k gold per hour while everyone else in the area will only recieve 500. However remember that battlefields will most likely be inhabited with other players who are stronger than you, so if you go into a gold mine battlefield then be prepared to be attacked.

The second battlefield is designed to reward teamwork and friendly player interaction. In these battlefields the lord who controls the battlefield will have a very good item(ex. a high magic wand, a high remote bow or a skull mirror). The key is that the lord will bring a party that is alot larger than most players can handle solo.

The Attacks

The third form of PvP is outright attacking another player outside of a battlefield. There are several reasons why a person may particiapte in PvP. For the most part people will attack another person for either (A. The fact that a successfull attack will reward the attacker with some soul, the amount is based on the defenders power level compared to yours (B. For gold, items, prisoners and gold bags that can be looted from another player or (C. In order to increase their prestige. Now if you do choose to attack another player then there are several things you must first consider.

  1. Are they an active player(if they have not logged in for a week or longer then you can consider them inactive in most cases). If the answer is yes they are active then proceed to step 2, if they are inactive then proceed to step 8
  2. Is what is their power level compared to yours(power level is based not on the power of an enemies but the cost total cost of their army). If they are less than 70% your power then move to step 3. If they are any higher then look for a lower person to attack.
  3. Who are they following? If they are following someone who is a higher power than you be aware that it may be that persons alt(alternate account). If they aren't following anyone stronger than you then move on to step 4. If they are then you may want to do more research before attacking.
  4. Are you in the Alliance of LoA or Hell? There is a peace treaty between the alliances of LoA and Hell. If you are a part of one of them and attack a person in the opposite Alliance then there are consequences. If you aren't in either alliance then move on to step 5. If you are and they are of the opposite alliance then look for another person to attack.
  5. Are they in an Alliance. If they are in the alliances of Hell or LoA ,for example, then it would probably be best for you to avoid attacking them. If they think that you are bullying their alliance members then they may retaliate against you. That is a different story if they are in a battlefield however. If they aren't in an alliance then move on to step 7. If they are then move on to step 6.
  6. Check out the name of the alliance. Depending on the alliance you should have no problem attacking them. If it is an alliance you feel comfortable attacking then move on to step 7.
  7. Are they in your area? If the person you are attacking is outside of the areas you have inhabited then it will cost you between 1.5-3 million gold and 18 hours one way to attack that person. If they are in your area it will cost between 5-10k gold and between 2-4 hours round trip to attack. If they are in your area move on to step 8.
  8. ATTACK!!! In order to do this you must go to that persons page and click on the attack button. This will take you to a page where you can both select the what units you wish to have attack and to show you what the attack will cost both in time and in gold. Remember that you need to double the time it takes to attack, since it will take just as long for your troops to return to your base.


There are many risks to attacking another active player. The first is that if your attack succeeds then it exposes their dungeon to you. That means that the person you attacked can attack you at half the time and at almost 0 cost in gold. The second risk is that they are the alternate account of another, stronger player who will retaliate against you. The third is that they are in an alliance who retaliates against you, however this happens rarely and only if you are seen as bullying another, weaker player. The fourth is a special condition. If you break the treaty between LoA and Hell then you will be removed from the alliance and most likely attacked. In the end there are rewards to participating in most forms of PvP, however the rewards do come with their own risks.


Before May 2013, PVP is done in a way whereby the whole army of both teams are thrown into an arena and they will all strike till total annihilation of either team. For example Team A has 31 units Team B has 50 units, it will be 31 vs 50 which may seems unfair.

Recent update about the PVP in May changes most of the concept and introduces the new team lineup for pvp which includes the top 10 of your army. They can be swapped around under your creatures' tab and the top 10 creatures in the line will be the lineup for battling other players' top 10 lineup.

Instead of quantity, now we need quality in the troops as well in order to get the upper hand while pvp-ing as even 31 units can beat 70 units if they are poor lineup.
New PVP goes like this:

Team A : 10 vs Team B : 10 (Start of turn 1)

After each turn, each team will adds next 5 creatures to their team.
This is why the top 10 is very important if one has the upper hand, his top 10 can snowball his fight all the way to the end.

Team A : 8 vs Team B : 2 (End of turn 1)

Team A : 8+5 vs Team B : 2+5 (Start of turn 2)

At this point Team A has 13 where team B only has 7.
Probably this will be the end of Turn 2 result:

Team A : 11 vs Team B : 0 (End of turn 2)

As you can see Team A will keep on killing Team B's additional 5 till the fight is over which leads Team A to the victory because of the initial fight which he has the upper hand.

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