Lured by: None
Lured Cost: Cannot be lured
Ransom: 1700-2150 Gold
Blood Cure Defense
Stat 200 25 100
Can Drop: Wand Crosier Cassock Light Book Silver Ring
Comes with: Lord
Brings with: None
Summons: Dark Priestess
  • Priestesses can only be summoned with a lord party.
  • There is no such thing as a priestess lure. Do not waste your time by spending hours farming an area trying to lure a priestess.
  • Your best bet for obtaining a priestess is to try and find a decent one on the auction house. Otherwise even the smallest of lord parties will usually have a priestess in tow.
  • The Dark Priestess is more powerful than her male counterpart the Dark Priest. You will probably want to keep the females and sacrifice the males to improve their stats.


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