Prestige is gained from participating in and winning fights against other Inquisitors, selling items on Public Auction, or winning Contest fights. You lose prestige by losing a fight in open battle. You also automatically lose 10 percent per week. Abandoning area also costs you ten percent of your prestige.

The way of the Merchant

The amount of prestige gained via selling things on Public Auctions is decided by this formula:
Sell Price * Tax * 0.01
For example - 1000 Gold*50% tax*0.01 = 5 Prestige gained

What prestige is for


The higher your prestige, the more areas that are available to you. You start with 3 random Areas and a slot for another one. To get new Areas you'll have to spies while having at least 1 free slot. With the spie you can scout for new areas in adjacent to yours.

Area Prestige
5th 10000
6th 20000
7th 40000
8th 80000
9th 160000
10th 320000
11th 640000
12th 1280000
13th 2560000
14th 5120000
15th 10240000
16th 20480000
17th 40960000
18th 81920000
19th 163840000
20th 327680000

The Maximum amount of Areas is unknown. To truly investigate it would take an immense amount of prestige.


As your prestige grows, the taxes for selling items on public auction is lowered. Information required: What are the tiers and how much prestige is needed


Prestige will directly effects the radius of areas that you can control before you begin to lose management. The more prestige you have the larger an area you can have.

How prestige can negatively effect you.


The time it takes to make an attack and the cost of the attack will increase when you are attacking someone with lower Prestige.
Those with lower Prestige will have a reduced attack time/cost.

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