Starts at: 0
Level Cost to upgrade D. Heart Upkeep Store
Gold Soul Unit Level Gold slots
1 100 50 Level 1 DH
2 200 100 Level 2 DH
3 400 200 Level 3 DH
4 800 400 Level 4 DH
5 1600 800 Level 5 DH
6 3200 1600 Level 6 DH
7 6400 3200 Level 7 DH
8 12,800 6400 Level 8 DH
9 25,600 12,800 Level 9 DH
10 51,200 25,600 Level 10 DH
Flavor Text: Living in the bleak darkness beneath the surface, has definite advantages but some rather large disadvantages as well. Amongst the later is that it gets very boring and lonely for an Inquisitor. After all, torturing these helpless sacks of flesh will lose some of its appeal if you do it too often. Through the portal, it is possible to form alliances with your fellow Inquisitors, and determine how many you can follow, and will follow you. cell]]
[[cell style=" border: 1px solid silver;"]]Notes:
  • A Portal is required so that you can follow other players.
  • You can upgrade a portal to Level 10 which means that you are able to follow 10 other players.
Tips: The reason that you would want to upgrade your portal and follow other players is because 1)They can reinforce you and 2) if you are selling an item it is customary for the seller to follow the buyer, which is why you should consider leaving one space open in your following section for trades.


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