Starts at: 0
Level Cost to upgrade D. Heart Upkeep Store
Gold Soul Unit Level Gold slots
1 200 100
2 400 200
3 800 400
4 1600 800
5 3200 1600
6 6400 3200
7 12800 6400
8 25600 12800
9 51200 25600
10 102400 51200
Flavor Text:"One of the most common, easy to construct and use traps available to the Dungeon Inquisitor." That is what it says in "Dungeons and Inquisitors: A History." There is no denying the simple elegance of this machination of evil. It will delay the advance of your enemy melee warriors: Simply a giant hole in the ground ten feet deep that is covered. Humans fall in to them quite regularly; it will delay the advance of enemy melee warriors with ease.
  • Used to help defend a persons base against an invading army. If the opponent doesn't have any melee units in their army they cannot attack or destroy your Pitfall.
Tips:When you are attacking another player, make sure to send at least two melee units in your attacking force. This way you wont have to suffer from defeating an enemies army, but not getting to loot their dungeon because you didnt have a melee.


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