New Player Pack
Cost: 200 Credits
Flavor Text:A New Player Package helps you build a small hero army (all units are converted from human heroes) immediately. (They are not limited by your living room when your units are less than 28) It is also including plenty of gold which are helpful for new players.
Boon: Provides a player with 2 Skeleton Archer, 2 Skeleton Soldier, 2 Corpse Archer, 2 Corpse Soldier and 200,000 Gold.
  • Good for a new player when you are first starting.
  • As with any unit purchased with credits, there is a stigma in the community concerning them. Help getting started is great; However, don't get carried away with buying the new player packs or you will upset other players. A bad reputation as a "Casher" can hurt you in the long run.


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