Summoned with: Prostitute and Lady
Blood Attack Magic Defense
Stats: 500 50 40 500
Summon Cost: 2000 Gold, 100 Soul, 1 Lady, 1 Prostitute
Upkeep: 500 Gold per Hour
Upgrades: 2
256,000 Exp
Ranged Priority Unit
1 Sorcerers
2 Melee with highest defense
3 Archers
4 Healers
5 Lords
6 Mistresses
Flavor Text:
The Mistresses of the Dungeon earned their names and titles from their terrifying ability to not only inflict agonizing pain through torture, be it physical, magical or mental, but from their ability to withstand pain as well. It is whispered that these sadistic enjoy receiving pain, as much as they enjoy inflicting agony upon their victims. But it is their hypnotic gaze that humans fear, as more than has been felled by a scorching look from one of these vixens.
  • Mistresses stun. The chance to stun is equal to their magic power. Base magic is 40, so 40%. If the mistress has +100% magic, their magic is 80. This provides a 80% chance to stun
  • A level two Mistress attempts to stun twice
  • A stun lasts for ? rounds.
  • Mistresses do not attack in typical combat and are the very last unit to be targeted. This means that the only real stat that is important for them is magic.
  • The amount of experience to level them two level two is huge (256,000 experience). Their upkeep is quite expensive. These factors combine mean that players typically find a high magic mistress with little to no other stats and train magic to 100% before summoning.
  • The final unit takes the stats of the Lady and the Prostitute combined.


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