Loyality is a new "Stat" which adds a posibility of your Creatures fleeing from fights.

The Base is 100 and each time your Creature dies loyalty falls.

Loyality is regained by levying areas you control. It can also be regained by Upgrading your Dungeon Heart, Living Area, or your Creature.

Loyality increases by random number the moment it reaches or goes below 50.

Your Creatures with less than 80 Loyality will regain them basing on this formula:
All your Creatures below 80 Loyality Upkeep / 12 = Amount of Soul spent on Levy to gain all of those Creatures 1 Loyality point.
For Example: You have Sorcerer and Priestess below 80 Loyality and to gain them 1 Loyality point you would need: (600+600)/12=100 Soul

The possibility of your Creatures fleeing is Decided by this formula:
(Random Number from 0-1 is Generated)^2 and Compared to Your Creature Loyality/100 - (if it's higher - Your Creature Flees, if it's lower - Your Creature Stays and Fights.)
It can also be written (roughly):
(100-Your Creature Loyality)/2*1,1=(% Chance for your Creature to Flee)

With one of the latest updates there is now a new type of stat called Management, it is directly associated with Loyalty in PvP combat only.

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