Lord Hunting

Lord Hunting - Things you need to know.
All credit for this guide goes strictly to Boskie.

Pulling a lord is no easy task for new players. Most new players will have pulled a lord without doing any kind of research whatsoever and they get wiped. There are many things that you should know prior to pulling a lord.

You need to know an areas Population.

This can be determined by dividing the soul cost to levy the area by the hours since the area was last levied (If the hours are above 48 then use 48).

Example 1 - Soul cost to levy is 3000. Hours since the last levy is 5. Total population = 600 (3000/5)

Example 2 - Soul cost to levy is 18000. Hours since the last levy is 78. Total population = 375 (18000/48)

When you pull a Lord he will bring all remaining units from the area with him, except for Ladies, Doctors, and Prostitutes.

About 1/3rd of an areas population is made up of Ladies, Doctors, and Prostitutes.

This means 2/3rds of the areas total population is what will come with the lord.

Example 1 - Total population of an area = 100. Lord will bring approximately 66 humans with him.

Example 2 - Total population of an area = 100. You have lured 2 knights from the area (a total of 30 humans). Then you lure the lord. Lord will bring approximately 36 humans.

Note - In small areas, it is easy to hunt the population down to a manageable size. For example - I you have an area with max population of 100 you could easily search out 3 individual knight lures and pull them right before you pull the lord. This would leave him with almost no units.

You should know the targeting priorities of your units and the targeting priorities of the lord's units

These can be found on the Minions and Humans pages

Lord Hunting - Tips for a good army build.

The makeup of your army can vary widely depending on what you want to do with it.

In order to defeat lord's you would need:

  • Enough Dark Knights to take any damage dealt by enemy magicians.
  • Enough Skeleton Archers to kill off enemy magicians before they can kill your Dark Knights.
  • Enough Dark Sorcerers/Sorceresses to deal with enemy Knights.
  • Enough Corpse Archers to deal with everything else.
  • And a few Dark Priests/Priestesses wouldn't hurt.

This is an example of a cheap lord hunting army. This army would do well against lords, but not so well in the contest due to the amount of Dark Knights.
Dark Lord (1) *High Remote bonus*
Dark Knight (2) *High Blood bonus and at least 250% defence*
Dark Priestess (2) *High Cure bonus*
Dark Sorceress (5) *High Magic bonus*
Skeleton Archer (5) *High Remote/Defence bonus* Try to get all of your SA defence % higher then your best defence % CA, this will mean they wont be targeted until your CA are dead
Corpse Archer (16) *All stats are important*

Note - The more Sorcerers and Sorceresses an area has the more Dark Knights you will need. If you want to add more Dark Knights to the above build, then I would suggest getting rid of some Corpse Archers.

Total of 7,650 gold per hour upkeep for this army. With a lvl 10 Dungeon Heart and lvl 10 Hospital this would put you at -4,150 or -1,855 with a Hell Contract.

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