Lured by: Wedding Ring Ruby Gold Bangle Sword Pearl Flag
Lured Cost: 2000-3000 Soul
Ransom: 22500-23500 Gold
Team Size: 1-600
Blood Attack Magic Remote Cure Defense
Stat 500 50 0 0 0 1000
Can Drop: Swordsmanship Book Archery Book Magic Book Light Book Wedding Ring Gold Bag Skull Mirror Crosier
Comes with: None
Brings with: Knight Archer Warrior Hunter Huntress Peasant Countrywoman Sorcerer Sorceress Priest Priestess
Summons: Dark Lord
  • Lords are the biggest parties that there are in the game. When you summon a lord, he will bring approx. 2/3rds of the entire (remaining) population of the area with him.
  • To determine the population of an area you must first take the amount of soul to levy an area and divide it by the number of hours since it was last levied with an hour cap of 48(so if it takes 5000 soul to levy the area and it was 50 hours since it was last levied you would use the equation 5000/48=104 units in the population).
  • Make sure that you are well prepared for Lord Hunting before you summon a lord party.
  • Lord Parties are unique in that a lord can bring with any units, not holding to the normal unit team rules.
  • The following units never come with a lord party: Lady Prostitute Doctor
  • Taming a lord usually requires his lady. Executing a lords lady generally means taming him will be nearly, if not totally impossible.
  • Lords are not Enchant-able


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