Living Area
Starts at: 0
Level Cost to upgrade D. Heart Upkeep Unit Capacity
Gold Soul Unit Level Gold
1 200 100
2 400 200
3 800 400
4 1600 800
5 3200 1600
6 6400 3200
7 12800 6400
8 256000 12800
9 51200 25600
10 102400 51200 31
Flavor Text: There is no doubt that you enjoy some very plush and very comfortable quarters within the Dungeon. Of course, the living area of your minions does not compare, but the "perk" comes with the responsibilities of leadership. The rest of your minions, also require accommodation of some. They unfortunately have to share their living space with each other. Just remember to enlarge it when necessary to keep overcrowding to a minimum and determine how many creatures your army can support.
  • Leveling your Living Area will refill you soul to max.
  • Cannot Be Demolished
  • To achieve the final level of your Living Area you will need Followers. A max level Dungeon Heart will also help.
  • Proper timing of soul refills from Living Area and Dungeon Heart levels can help propel you to quickly be capable of trapping knights and other dangerous foes.


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