Starts at: 0
Level Cost to upgrade D. Heart Upkeep Store
Gold Soul Unit Level Gold slots
1 100 50 Level 3 DH
2 200 100 Level 4 DH
3 400 200 Level 5 DH
4 800 400 Level 6 DH
5 1600 800 Warrior Level 7 DH
6 3200 1600 Archer Level 8 DH
7 6400 3200 Servant Level 9 DH
8 12,800 6400 Maid Level 10 DH
9 25,600 12,800 Prostitute Level 10 DH
10 51,200 25,600 Doctor Level 10 DH
Flavor Text: It has been a long held belief that knowledge is a source of power. Therefore, one supposes correctly that it must not only be guarded and horded, but also used constructively. The tomes of knowledge contained within the confines of your arcane sanctum - or library - would have most human capable of magic drooling with envy. It will strength and support your priests and other magic using units, which is why they guard it halls with territorial jealousy.
  • A Library is needed to upgrade both your sorcerer and priest units.
  • Due to a recent update you are now also able to buy books from the library to upgrade yoru units.
Tips: The books that you can buy are the same deal as with the Dark Lord that you can summon. Although it may seem like a good idea don't waste your Soul on them.


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