Summoned with: Nothing
Blood Attack Defense
Stats: 200 16 100
Summon Cost: 100 Gold
Upkeep: 10 Gold per Hour
Upgrades: Cannot be upgraded
Melee Priority Unit
1 Melee(Lowest Blood)
2 Archers
3 Mages/Healers
4 Lords/DLs
5 Mistresses
Flavor Text: Small and mischievous, no corpse is required to summon them as they beings of pure magic. Individually they are little more than minor winged pests. When they flock together and swarm, they have been known to give even the hardiest of heroes pause. After all, even cannon fodder, especially massed cannon fodder charging en masse in to the enemy has a strength all of its own: Quantity, over quality.
  • Imps are the first units that you have at your disposal when you first start playing the game. You start with 4 imps and then build your army up from there.
  • Imps are considered a tank unit. Their job is to take damage so that your archers can deal damage.
  • Imps are stronger than a skeleton soldier, until you upgrade your skeleton soldier. So it is a good idea to just use imps until you can upgrade to Corpse Soldiers.
  • Imps are stronger than skeleton soldiers because the start with 200 blood and 100 Defense. Skeleton Soldiers have 80 blood and 200 defense. Since the skeleton soldier can have bonuses that an imp cannot the skeleton soldier can eventually be much better. However, you are better served by skipping to a corpse soldier, which is significantly better than both.


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