By: Bluequoise

Foundations of Hunting

Hunting in Dungeon Inquisitor is one of the most important features of the game since this will become your primary method for acquiring gold, quality humans to turn into creatures, and quality items used for upgrading creatures.

All lures used to attract humans into your dungeon have a soul cost, this soul cost is determined solely by the energy of the human’s party leader. So a knight that comes with 20 units might cost less soul to lure than a knight that comes by himself, simply based on how much energy each knight has.

You will probably hear many of the players discussing theories as to what determines the energy of a human, but to date no player has been able to prove the determinate factors and the developers have not disclosed any information either. So for the sake of this guide energy will be treated as a truly random number within a set of parameters set by the unit’s classification. For example: The average peasant will have energy ranging between 110-150, while an average knight will range between 520-600.

Now before I get into the meat of the guide I would like to define my use of the term “average” that I used above and will be using through the remainder of this guide. This is simply a statistical term to meaning 75% of the possible outcomes. The bottom limit for a peasant’s energy is 100, and I have seen peasants with over 200 energy, but the average peasant that you will encounter hunting will fall between the 110-150 energy range that I mentioned above. This is a slight deviation from mathematical statistics where “average” means 50%, since I have not dedicated the time required to make a scientifically correct study I will be using boarder ranges to capture a larger amount of cases that a player can reasonably expect to encounter. Another example of this are the party sizes. I have personally seen a Knight party of 31, which as it turns out it the absolute maximum 1 in 1 million odds for a knight party to reach, several others have seen as high as 28. However these are rare and extreme cases and will not be included in the average encounters that this guide uses as foundation for this guide.

One thing you need to understand about hunting is why a trap may fail. The only reason for a trap you have set to fail(most commonly a Gold Trap) is because there is no one left for you to trap within that area.

Also in this guide I will be valuing the gold worth in terms of gold per soul. This means that you can expect the average amounts of gold that you can get for each point of soul used in luring the specified human party. This value will not include the total amount of soul used to include interrogations for lures since some prisoners may have multiple lures or lures can be bought off auctions. So for the sake of unknown variables I will only be looking at the luring process itself, interrogations will be ignored completely in this guide.

I would like to state that the gold per soul rating is based on the assumption that all prisoners caught will be ransomed. You will find in your hunting that there will be humans and items that will carry higher value as upgrades or on the public auction than the ransom value. These humans and items you will want to keep for the purpose of selling or using yourself as you see fit. However since these variables are near impossible to predict they also are ignored in the party values of gold per soul assigned to parties.

In conclusion the final assumption that this guide makes is the availability of 10 prison spaces, or an empty lvl 8 prison, and are drawing full parties. Having less prison spaces will reduce the amount of ransom income, just like drawing a knight that comes solo. The spaces in your prison is something that you will be able to account for, I however cannot. The actual size of the party you lure will be discovered when you use the lure, but the maximum party size can be estimated, so I will discuss that later in the guide.

Gold per Soul ratios

Going back to my use of the gold per soul rating for parties I would like to show the importance of this by comparing it to the process of levying. Anyone with an area and enough soul can use the levy feature, but if you divide the amount of gold you receive from the levy by the soul cost you will find that it is always 4:1, or 4 gold earned for every 1 point of soul spent.

Compare that to the basic 1 tier lure humans. The lowest level of lure costs 25 soul and the tier 1 humans average a ransom of 200-250. This makes the final gold to soul ratio of hunting tier 1 humans 8-10:1, meaning that the lowest expected gold return on the soul expenditure is double the gold return for levying an area.

For that reason alone most experienced players when asked will tell you never to levy an area. And as much as I agree with them that levying an area is a very inefficient way to acquire gold, it does have a use. The factor for the soul cost to levy is the reflection of the number of humans living in that area. For each human inside an area the cost to levy will increase by 1 soul every hour. So an area that has been levied just 1 hour before looking at the cost will tell you the exact number of humans living in the area during that hour.

Humans spawn at semi random rates in areas up to the individual area’s maximum occupancy. Extensive hunting in an area will remove humans at a faster rate than they spawn, so the less time between the last time levied and the time you take your population measurement the more accurate it will be. Be aware that multiple reading may be needed for the most accurate information, since areas that are hunted by many players will probably show lower maximum population due to consistent hunting.

Knowing the maximum population of an area is useful but not needed for hunting purposes. It is useful because I have found that the maximum party that will come with lord when lured is roughly 2/3 the total population, the extra 1/3 belongs to the units that do not come with the lord: Ladies and their parties, Doctors and their parties, and Prostitutes.

Also knowing that areas with higher populations have a higher chance of generating lures. This is important to consider since areas with 6 knights will generate lures for each of those knights among the ladies and prostitutes in that area each time the lord is lured and the knights taken prisoner, if you encounter a lady with multiple wedding rings that will tell you how many times her husbands (either a knight or a lord) have been caught from that area. In large areas where the ladies and prostitutes are virtually ignored you may find as many as 30 old dead lures in that female’s inventory. So be sure to keep your ladies and prostitutes fresh in an area too when you’re hunting or you might miss valuable lures because you don’t have the inventory space.

However, due to the recent updates, you will not need to levy and wait for the sake of knowing the population. The population will be calculated and displayed above the label, "Development Level". It is actually not a need to trouble yourself in gauging the population of the area but still it is a "good to know"

Different Tiers of human

Before introducing the different tiers of human, there is a change in the recent update:

For inquisitor level 6 and lower:
Tier 1 humans are trapped before you get lures for Tier 2 (25 souls per trap i believe)

For inquisitor level reach 7 and above:
You cannot trap for Tier 1 humans anymore. Instead you will trap archers and warriors straight. (which cost 400 souls per trap)

This update facilitate players in hunting for the advance players.

Tier 1

Humans: Peasant, Country Woman, Hunter, Huntress

Party Size: 1

G/S Ratio: 8-10:1

Lure: Gold (can be misleading since there is no actual loss in gold for the lure)

Army: while the tutorial has you engage your first battle with only 3 imps it is recommended that you go ahead and make yourself as many imps as you want, 5 will guarantee victory, and anything more will just add to your odds of success in later battles.

Human: Prostitute

Party Size: 1

G/S Ratio: 2-3:1

Lure: Amulet

Army: Prostitutes are the weakest human in the game, you can kill most of them with a single imp, but by the time you start hunting prostitutes you’re army will have exceeded the minimum requirement.

Tier 2

Human: Warrior

Party Size: 3-5

G/S Ratio: 5-7:1

Lure: Sickle

Army: For all tier 2 armies the bare minimum I would ever challenge them with is 10 Imps at my command. But I find that having 7-10 Skeleton Archers will do the job far quicker since SAs are ranged units and will do damage starting on the 1st turn instead needing to wait until the 9th turn as a minimum. I chose to skip the use of Skeleton Soldiers completely since they are twice as costly and have less blood (the most important melee stat) than the imp, in actual combat I’ve found the difference between the two to be negligible until the SS gets to at least lvl 6, too much work for too little gain. Once you find a Warrior with decent stats though go ahead and replace your entire melee team with a good Corpse Soldier, it will be worth it.

Human: Archer

Party Size: 3-5

G/S Ratio: 4-6:1

Lure: Basket

Army: While 10 imps will win 100% of the time I recommend having SAs over imps for this battle despite the additional cost. Archers are worth two hunters or huntresses and normally you can expect that an Archer party will kill more of your minions because of the archer. Keep in mind that SAs first target Melee while all human archers first target your archers, so expect losses early on regardless of using Imps or SAs.

Human: Doctor

Party Size: 2-3

G/S Ratio: 5-6

Lure: Medicine or Bottle

Army: 10 imps will be more than overkill for the bare minimum needed to take out this party. I’ve beaten Doctor parties with a single SA although I don’t recommend that. 3-5 SAs as a minimum however will essentially guarantee victory.

Tier 3

Human: Sorcerer/Sorceress

Party Size: 1 (normally), 4-6 (maximum)

G/S Ratio: 3-4:1

Lure: Wand

Army: Mages require joint use of melee and ranged to defeat. They target melee first so you will need a few units, or one really good melee unit, to take the hits, and you’ll want archers at a minimum to quickly kill. The faster the better, magic damage ignore defense, so units like the SS will be killed in a single hit from the worst human mage, and imps will only take 2 hits from any mage before they also die. So the better your line of archers is the better it will go for you. For testing purposes I sent a single Dark Knight, the most powerful melee unit into battle with only a healer for support and a Birdwoman to see the practicality of using melee against magic and found that there is no single melee unit that can solo a mage, so always take a mix of melee and ranged into battle against human mages.

Human: Lady

Party Size: 5-11

G/S Ratio: 7-10:1

Lures: Kerchief, Wedding Ring, Knife

Army: Lady parties are rarely much more difficult that archers and warriors, though at the most you will find them with 3 warrior/archer groups at their disposal, though that is very rare, still I have hunted these parties personally with nothing more than a single CS and 8 SAs. A few Corpse Archers and this battle is more or less a non-issue.

Human: Knight

Party Size: 12-20

G/S Ratio: 21-26:1

Lures: Axe, Wedding Ring, Gold Bangle

Army: For a starting army I recommend having at least 1 sorceress, it doesn’t matter if she’s crap or a goddess, since magic ignores defense and knights have high base defense, there are few units out there that can guarantee victory over a knight party like a sorceress. Also sorceresses are cheaper sorcerers, and gold upkeep is very important to a new army. Later on you may find yourself like me hunting everything knight party and weaker with a single DK and Healer, but that isn’t recommended until after you get some solid experience under your belt.

Tier 4

Human: Lord

Party Size: 30-160 (depends mostly on knights at their command, lords can exceed 250 party sizes)

G/S Ratio: 19-22:1 (1-2 knights); 27-30:1 (8-10 knight)

Lures: Swords, Flags, Wedding Rings, and on very rare occasions axes.

Army: The minimum army requirements depend highly on the number of knights coming with the lord, while it was proven that a lvl 5 player could successfully lure and capture a lord, very few players attempt to hunt lords regularly without first getting a well developed army or getting help from known lord slayers. Only the players with the best made armies hunt lords regularly without needing support. So if you are unsure about your ability to defeat a lord don’t bother attempting.

Wise Hunting Practices

There are many ways to hunt, but many of them prove to be highly unprofitable. So here are a few ways to hunt that will benefit you in the long run. And I will mention a few practices that have led to large players going on rampages to clear out areas of all players, both active and inactive.

First off, be sure to take time to cycle though your areas and hunt everything. Knights and Lords might ransom for more, but if you never capture the weak archers in your area there will never a chance of them being replaced by better archers in the future. Also as was mentioned earlier Ladies and Prostitutes are excellent ways to get lures for knights and lords, but if they never get hunted then the lures will pile up to the point where you can’t get to them when you do lure the Lady or Prostitute.

Second, hunt multiple areas at the same time. If you only hunt one area to excess you will over harvest it to the point that it is impossible to get anything of value and over hunting can be done at any tier, if I see a warrior with only himself in a party I know that someone is over hunting the Tier 1 humans in that area, if I see a Knight coming with less than 10 people I cuss, if I lure a second knight in that same area and also see less than 10 units in his party I clean house. Most large players, and especially those in Lords of the Abyss with me, have similar policies; some even go so far as to keep their areas clean so they never have to deal with people over hunting their areas.

Third, don’t rush your hunting, there are 24 hours in a day, if you don’t get that knight party or lord party you are looking for after 30 minutes of hunting wait an hour or so then try again. This gives human population time to regenerate, bringing with them fresh lures and avoiding the issues with over hunting.

Forth, don’t hunt beyond your needs or abilities. I proved that only hunting warriors and archers with only 3 areas I was able to make over 50k gold each day without over hunting a single one of my areas. I was able to make 100k gold a day in those same 3 areas hunting knights only without over hunting any of those areas. While it helped that one of those areas was an 8 knight area the point is that gold is easy to come by and it doesn’t require you to reach for the stars to get rich. Patience and practice will win you more in a hunt than anything else. Also remember that while a lord will ransom for over 20k gold that finding an Archer with over 80% remote bonus will possibly sell for as much as 100k gold. So even after 50% taxation you’re still walking off with more than double the profit from a human that cost a lot less soul to get. Patience and practice, they’re your best friends.

Fifth, know what you’re hunting for. The cheapest path to getting lord lures are the medicines and bottles found on a Tier 1 human, but if you just hunt everything you will bleed an area too quickly to make a long term profit in an area (and you will probably piss someone off who is strong enough to kick you out in a single attack). Also keep in mind that some humans and lures are rarer than others. Doctors have a slow spawn rate, and just because there is a living lord in an area doesn’t mean that there is at least 1 pearl lure out there with his name on it. In many cases it is a safer bet to lure warriors looking for amulets and look for lord lures on the area prostitutes that to try focusing on just the doctors.

Beyond that, experiment, find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help, but be respectful and don’t make demands. Once upon a time even the best players were new players, and there is always something that one of us knows that others didn’t.

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