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Following is an in game method of support. Following has benefits for the follower and for the person being followed.

Following benefits

  1. When you follow someone, you can send and receive reinforcements from that player.
  2. You can see the players private auction, they can see yours
  3. You cannot be attacked on accident by someone you are following
  4. Generally, people that want followers are willing to help out people in order to get them. This may be reinforcements, monetary aid, or some other from of help.

Followed benefits

  1. When a player is followed they gain a slightly higher soul cap (2000 per active follower)
  2. A player that is less than level 8 gives a soul bonus to the followed player based upon how much soul they spend on rooms. (10% divided among all the followed players)
  3. Access to the private auction of your following players
  4. You cannot be attacked by someone following you
  5. You can send and receive reinforcements from your following player.

How to follow

To Follow a certain person you need to:

  • go to "Inquisitors" Tab
  • type the Name of the Person you're willing to Follow
  • Open this Person Profile
  • Press the "Follow" button placed under Areas.
  • Then wait for the follow to be approved by the target inquisitor.


When you are new, you will want to Follow anyone who is willing to help you out.


  • Most people will start getting Followers once they start and selling units.
  • Anyone that sells items and units will generally Follow the buyer.
  • For every "ACTIVE" follower( which means they log-in recently for past 1-2 days) you will get 2000 max soul boost.
  • There is a limit of how many active follower you can have which is 20 which is a boost of 40,000 max soul.
  • If you exceed the limit of 20 active followers (e.g 21 active followers), you will decrease 10,000 max soul each.
  • As stated above, all of your followers below level 8 will split 10% of their soul spent with all of those that they Follow.
  • You require at least four followers to reach the top building levels.


The default distance to the Inquisitors that you are Following and Followed by is 3600. This distance can be reduced three ways.

  1. Selling items in friends auction.
  2. Reinforcing them. The distance shortened is proportionate to the experience gained by the reinforcing creatures.
  3. Also, if you're under level 8 every soul used by you will decrease the distance between you and the person you follow.
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