Dungeon Heart
Starts at: 1
Level Cost to upgrade Income Soul Capacity
Gold Soul Unit Soul Gold Soul
2 200 0
3 400 0
4 800 0 Male Human
5 1600 0 Female Human
6 3200 0 Warrior
7 6400 0 Archer
8 12800 0 Lady
9 25600 0 Knight
10 51200 0 Lord 4000 1000 50000
Flavor Text: The beating heart of your empire: Tied to your own life force, its steady beat serves to calm your minions and keep them in line. It ensures the balance of soul energy throughout your dungeon and through a process of magic, artifice and alchemy ensures that you have enough gold to keep your calm minions happy, and keep the dungeon running smoothly. Protect it with your life, My Lord, for its destruction heralds your own.
  • Leveling your Dungeon Heart will refill you soul to max. It uses the maximum prior to leveling your heart.
  • Cannot Be Demolished
  • The level of your Dungeon Heart denotes what level you are listed as. If you dungeon heart is level 5, you are level 5.
  • Some rooms require a certain level of dungeon heart to be built or upgraded
  • You can summon a Dark Lord for 30,000 Soul at your dungeon heart.
  • When you initially create your account you are under protection for ??7?? days. You can break this protection early by leveling your Dungeon Heart to level 8.
  • To achieve the final level of your Dungeon Heart you will need Followers/Following.
  • You can get unlucky, but Dungeon Inquisitor does not have a very cut throat PVP community. You do not need to be very worried about protection. Be polite and you shouldn't have much trouble.
  • Proper timing of soul refills from Living Area and Dungeon Heart levels can help propel you to quickly be capable of trapping knights and other dangerous foes.
  • Do not purchase a Dark Lord for 30,000 soul. You would have to be very lucky to win on the deal.


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