Dark Sorceress
Summoned with: Sorceress
Blood Magic Defense
Stats: 100 70 100
Summon Cost: 2000 Gold, 100 Soul, 1 Sorceress
Upkeep: 400 Gold per Hour
Upgrades: 2 3 4 5
Human Items Jewelry Magic Book
Ranged Priority Unit
1 Melee with highest defense
2 Sorcerers
3 Archers
4 Healers
5 Lords
6 Mistresses
Flavor Text: Dark Sorceress, are much like their Sorcerer counterparts, except for the addendum that they are all devastatingly beautiful, and have been known to leverage these charms in, creative ways to enhance their blood magic. Their magical attacks simply ignore armor, as if it is not there and their beauty makes them one of the most dangerous, yet callously underestimated minions of the Inquisitor something that countless humans have learned at the cost of their lives.
  • Use a wand for the weapon upgrade. If you are enchanting the wand, the higher the cure is, the more expensive it is to enchant.
  • Use a Robe for the armor upgrade. The stats suit the Sorceress.
  • Use a Magic Book for the Book upgrade. It increases Magic.


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