Dark Sorcerer
Summoned with: Sorcerer
Blood Magic Defense
Stats: 100 100 100
Summon Cost: 3000 Gold, 100 Soul, 1 Sorcerer
Upkeep: 600 Gold per Hour
Upgrades: 2 3 4 5
Human Items Jewelry Magic Book
Ranged Priority Unit
1 Melee with highest defense first
2 Archers with highest defense first
3 Sorcerers with highest defense first
4 Healers
5 Lords
6 Mistresses
Flavor Text: Sorcerers can spend decades locked in study in libraries and towers, or in collegiums at debate to gain a mastery of magic. Alternatively, they can choose to tread the dark path of blood magic, the most potent of all magic disciplines. Their magic cannot be stopped by armor and with great power in their blood some say much like Dark Priest, they are worthy of a modicum of respect and worthy the extra cost due to their extra power.
  • Use a wand for the weapon upgrade. If you are enchanting the wand, the higher the cure is, the more expensive it is to enchant.
  • Use a Robe for the armor upgrade. The stats suit the Sorcerer.
  • Use a Magic Book for the Book upgrade. It increases Magic.


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