Dark Priestess
Summoned with: Priestess
Blood Cure Defense
Stats: 150 50 100
Summon Cost: 2000 Gold, 100 Soul, 1 Priestess
Upkeep: 600 Gold per Hour
Upgrades: 2 3 4 5
Human Items Jewelry Light Book
Priority: The priestess will prioritize heals to itself, then friendly units from lowest blood to highest blood
Flavor Text: The Dark Priestess is known to be the one the minions of an Inquisitor can call upon when in need of medical help for injury, whether accidental, training or battle related. She is not known for her "bedside manner" as the humans would say but her magic will heal whatever ails you when she is not busy maiming intruders and enemies of her Dungeon Inquisitor.
  • Use Crosier for your wand upgrade. There is no magic stat to drive the price of enchanting up.
  • Use a Cassock for your cloth armor choice. It has the appropriate stats on it.
  • Use a Light Book for your book upgrade. It has Cure which is the appropriate stat for healers.
  • More than 3 total healers is probably not necessary.


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