Dark Lord
Summoned with: Lord
Blood Attack Remote Magic Cure Defense
Stats: 500 10 10 10 10 1000
Summon Cost: 10,000 Gold, 1000 Soul, 1 Lord OR 30000 Soul
Upkeep: 1000 Gold Per lever Per Hour
Upgrades: 2 3 4 5
Archery Book Light Book Magic Book Swordsmanship Book
Ranged Priority Unit
1 Lords do not attack
Flavor Text: The Dark Lord. A title only whispered by the minions, that only the Dungeon Inquisitor dares to speak, with respect. They are armed with all manner of foul means to kill, ranging from the sword, to bow, to magic and even bestial such as claws, fang and talon. In combat these juggernauts of destruction will slay foes while healing their wounded comrades within reach with grace and skill unmatched.
  • Dark Lords share their Attack, Remote, Magic, and Cure bonuses with all units.
  • Dark Lords are very expensive. Start with a good one and only use the best books you can find to upgrade them.
  • Magic and Remote are your most valuable stats, followed by cure. Attack is regarded as a poor stat on lords.


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