Dark Knight
Summoned with: Knight
Blood Attack Defense
Stats: 250 100 +10*lvl 1000
Summon Cost: 2000 Gold, 100 Soul, 1 Knight
Upkeep: 400 Gold per Hour
Upgrades: 2 3 4 5
Items Human Items Human
6 7 8 9 10
Items Servant Maid Human Items
Ranged Priority Unit
1 Melee with highest defense
2 Archers
3 Sorcerers and Healers
4 Lords
5 Mistresses
Flavor Text: Once pillars of righteousness, justice, goodness and perhaps even godliness. These warriors were perhaps once knights that have been lead down the paths of temptation, of gambling and alcohol in the pursuit of certain kinds of women. Fallen and truly beyond redemption, they revel in the life of debased debauchery and laugh in the face of their foes as their armor and shield shrug off the strongest of attacks with ease, before they demonstrate killing with their weapon of choice.
  • Since a Dark Knight can use any type of armor, usually it is easier to find high level Plate Mail. It is easier to hunt and cheaper to buy.
  • Use a Swordsmanship Book for your book choice. It gives you additional Attack.
  • The Servant, Maid, and Human you sacrifice to upgrade your Dark Knight has their stats added to your Dark Knight. This means you can choose wisely and then enchant them to further benefit your Dark Knight.


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