Corpse Soldier
Summoned with: Male Warrior
Blood Attack Defense
Stats: 160 50 500
Summon Cost: 500 Gold 40 Soul 1 Warrior
Upkeep: 100 Gold per Hour
Upgrades: 2 3 4 5
Human Items Items Items
6 7 8 9 10
Sword Armor Shield Jewelry Items
Melee Priority Unit
1 Melee(random)
2 Archers
3 Mages/Healers
4 Lords/DLs
5 Mistresses
Flavor Text:The flesh of these creatures has long been decomposing and the stench is enough to make any warrior, whether one of the humans or one of your own nauseous. These undead creatures are best as shook troops, and suicidal shock troopers given their heavy armor and undead state allows them to withstand nearly all assaults with ease as they slaughter humans in the wild melee of close quarter battle.
  • Corpse Soilders are the third tanking units that you obtain soon after first starting the game. These are certainly a must have in order to proceed along to the next step in the game. Once you can start getting Corpse Soldiers you should replace your imps or skeleton soldiers with them asap.
  • Corpse Soldiers,like imps, are considered a tank unit. Their job is to take damage so that your archers can deal damage.
  • Although it may seem like a good idea to upgrade your Corpse soldier, it is a better idea to wait until you have a Dark Knight to start upgrading your tanks.


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