Convert Light
Cost: 30 Credits
Flavor Text: Not all Humans that wander into your dungeon will be weak-willed Peasants. There are times when the ministrations of the Mistresses in the Torture Chamber will prove to be insufficient to break a hero. It is these times that a Dungeon Inquisitor must seek this boon from the Dark Gods. Convert Light will bend even the strongest of Lords to your will.
Boon: One prisoner will be converted to your minion.Tame.
  • A convert light increases the tame on a prisoner to 80.
  • It is a good idea to use this item when you find a good Knight or Lord that you don't want to wait to tame.
  • You start with one confess powder when you first start playing. It is suggested to wait to use your powder until you have a Knight or Lord.


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