Starts at: 0
Level Cost to upgrade D. Heart Upkeep Store
Gold Soul Unit Level Gold slots
1 100 100 None Level 1 DH
2 200 200 Human Level 2 DH
3 400 400 Man Level 3 DH
4 800 800 Woman Level 4 DH
5 1600 1600 Warrior Level 5 DH
6 3200 3200 Archer Level 6 DH
7 6400 6400 Servant Level 7 DH
8 12,800 12,800 Maid Level 8 DH
9 25,600 25,600 Prostitute Level 9 DH
10 51,200 51,200 Doctor Level 10 DH
Flavor Text: Think of this as your armory where all manner of weapons are stored when not in use. Ranging from rusty daggers and wooden shields, to double handed great swords, kite shields, bows, arrows, crossbows, well you get the idea. It is also where the corpses of the dead from battle, torture or the prison are stored, to be eventually raised as various undead units under your command.
  • A Barracks is absolutely madetory in order to upgrade your Dark Knight to a respectable level(however with the new update if ou get past level 6 you are doing better than most). This is a must have for anyone looking for a well developed army.
  • It is a good idea to level up your Living Area or Dungeon Heart to get a full soul regen before you upgrade.
Tips: Need to upgrade your army so upgrade it sooner rather than later. You will need 4 followers in order to get your Barracks to level 10.


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