Auctions are a very important part of Dungeon Inquisitor. They are currently the only way of trading [[[Gold, Items and Humans from one player to another. There are two types of auctions: Public Auctions and Private Auctions.

Public Auctions

A public auction is when you put an item up for sell to the entire gaming community to buy for Gold. To create an auction go to the fourth button from the left at the bottom of your screen(the picture of the gavel) then select the item that you would like to sell, followed by both the minimum and maximum amount of gold that you would like to receive for that item and how many days you would like the auction to last. When you put an item up on auction it is a"dead" item for the time it is on auction. That is to say it can't be destroyed or enchanted. It will also stay in your inventory until someone buys the item. If a player buys your Items or Human. Now when someone buys whatever you are auctioning off, they will send you the Gold immediately, and the sold Item or Human will leave your Prison or Treasure Room after a 10 second travel period. Now a public auction is not suggested for high value items due to the taxes that the auction house takes. If you want to lower the tax rate then you must increase your Prestige.

Private Auctions

A private auction is an auction that can only be viewed by your Followers/Following list. This form of selling is used more as a way to transfer Humans and Items between friends or to transfer Gold to a player in need. To hold a private auction simply follow the same steps as a public auction with one major difference. There is a box that will say "PUBLIC" with a % next to it that is the taxes you will pay for selling that item. If you click that drop-down menu you will see where is says "Private", select private and then hit the auction button. This will cause the auction to not go up in the auction house, but instead go up on your home page directly above the Followers/Following lists. That is where your friends must go to buy that auction.

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