Lured by: Basket Gold Trap(if level 7-10)
Lured Cost: 300-450 Soul
Ransom: 1400-1650 Gold
Team Size: 1-5
Blood Remote Defense
Stat 100 14 200
Can Drop: Bow Leather Mail Archery Book Carnelian Ring Wand Kerchief Axe Medicine Bottle Wand
Comes with: Lady Lord Knight Sorcerer Sorceress
Brings with: Countrywoman Huntress
Summons: Corpse Archer
  • Archers are one of the most looked for units in the game, due to the fact that they make up a large portions of peoples armies when converted to a Corpse Archer.
  • Although Remote is considered the most important stat on an archer, some people do like having archers with high Blood or Defense, so always make sure to post an archer that you don't need in general chat if the stats are even slightly decent.


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