Alliances are an organized group of players. A team, if you will.


Alliances are actually quite simple to create for really anyone. To create an alliance you simply must have 1 million gold.
To create the alliance:

  • Click on the "My Alliance" button
  • Click the create alliance button
  • Pick a name and away you go.

You should know however, that if you create an alliance then that will make you the Overlord(OL) of that alliance. A special "privilege", if you will, of an alliance OL is that they will lock everyone that shares an area with you out of Hunting in that area. This will paint a large, red target on your back for players in your area that want to be able to hunt in that area again. Also remember, that if you create an alliance this is seen as an act of aggression by most other players. If they attack you don't take it personally, they just wanted their area back.

A good idea is to wait until you have moved to a fairly uninhabited area, and then create an alliance. This way you can have your alliance without encouraging every player in your area to attack you.

Force Field

Alliance members can spend 50 credit to create a force field for one week to protect one of the alliance territories. With the force field, only members of the same alliance can explore the area. And no other alliance can conquer the territory. The force field can not be created in the first week that the area is conquered or the area is conquered by another alliance in the last week.


You may teleport to an area that is controlled by the OL of your alliance. Be warned it will cost you 1mln Gold that teleporting will make you unable to Reinforce, participate in PvP(with the exception of the contest), or explore new areas for 1 week.


When you levy an area that is owned by your OL you will receive gold in a ratio or 10 Gold to for every 1 Soul spent.


Alliances are limited to 50 players.


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